Youth Assembly


Date: 3rd-4th August 2013.

Venue: VEDIKE, Rural Bangalore, India

Highlights of the Assembly: 

  • Global Citizens' Ambassador (GCA) - Young Leaders will be acknowledged for their outstanding work to bring change in the society
  • Social Impact Awards 2013 (SIA) - College students from all over India have an opportunity to win a Seed grants to execute a social and community projects in their respective cities.
  • International and National Cultural Performance 
  • Workshops and Sessions on the theme of: 

1. Educate to Empower

2. Leadership and Empowerment (for youth and women)

3. Adequate Housing

4. Community Development and Livelihood

Registration fees:

Rs.200 for two days (without accommodation) and Rs. 1000 for two days (with accommodation)

To participate in the Assembly, please send us an email at along with your bio-profile/Resume. Once you get a confirmation email from us you may prepare your visa and other travel plans accordingly. 



GCSD organizes each year a youth assembly bringing together young students and professionals between the age of 16-30 years to discuss key global issues and the role of young people in the same.

The first Assembly was held in Bangalore but was a regional assembly, namely, the Asian Youth Assembly 2010. As a follow up to the Youth Assembly in 2010, it was proposed to have an international youth assembly as there were good number of participants from countries outside of Asia participating as well.



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Our name, Global Citizens for Sustainable Development by itself emphasizes our desire to be more than just citizens of our individual countries. We aspire to be citizens of the world. We want to recognize leaders, especially YOUNG leaders in extending this idea of Global Citizenship which centres on working at the local level to bring about a global effect. During the Assembly each year, we present 1-5 Global Ambassadors a certificate/plaque recognizing him/her for their brilliant and long lasting efforts towards Peace and Sustainable Development.

To be a Global Ambassador one has to be a Global Citizen and possess a deep feeling of brotherhood towards people in your own country and especially the people from different parts of the world. A Global Ambassador is a person who accepts people from all walks of life and takes them as his/her own.

As a Global Ambassador it is not obligated to perform any duties for the organization, rather we request that you associate us in the work that you do and spread the notion about Global Citizenship. However, if you are interested, you may voluntarily run a program/campaign/activity to spread the cause of Global Citizenship or simply continue doing what you do best already.

Along with the Ambassadorship, you will be presented with the official Global Citizens Passport which comes with benefits of it's own (we will inform you at a later period).
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Youth-led Development Program - Social Impact Awards 2012
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The Social Impact Awards (SIA) is conducted by Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (GCSD) to create a platform for youth, children and adults to use their creativity, innovation and compassion to transform society.

Global Citizens for Sustainable development initiated a series Youth-led Development Program in 2010 with the Bangalore Campus Climate Champions which as the name suggests supported students who wanted to address Climate Change on the campus of their College. In this regard, GCSD sponsored five projects submitted by teams from a number of colleges in Bangalore City. Last year, GCSD conducted the Bangalore MDG Champions, a competition through which GCSD currently supports three projects in three colleges in Bangalore City.



This year, through the Social Impact awards, GCSD is asking students from all corners of India to submit projects under the following six categories –

  1. Environmental Sustainability
  2. Educate to Empower
  3. Leadership and Empowerment (for youth and women)
  4. Adequate Housing
  5. Community Development and Livelihood
  6. Health
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Executive Summary of the Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2011 (GCYA)

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Themes of the Event:
• Role of Media for Social Change
• Green Economy in the Context of Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development
• Youth and MDGs

Organizers & Partners: Global Citizens for Sustainable Development, VEDIKE, Oxfam India, Charles
Leopold Mayer Foundation (FPH), Forum for a new World Governance, University at Albany, Student
Volunteers Abroad, Glasgow and LOYAC, Kuwait.

Date: August 18 – 20, 2011
Venue: Visthar, Bangalore, India

Number of Participants: GCYA is a process more than a conference where more than 1000 youth
participants take part virtually through social networking sites and then for quality purpose few are
selected to meet person to person in Bangalore. During the assembly we had an attendance of 150
youth college students joined by their faculty members, few young professionals, freelancers,
environmentalists, social workers, etc.

Participating Countries: Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, USA, UK, France, Chile and India

Concept of the Assembly: The youth represents half the population of the world and therefore have an
important role to play in bringing about social change. Therefore, the Global Citizens Youth Assembly
aimed at creating a platform for the youth to come forward and talk about their country, to develop a
cross-cultural understanding of the themes of the assembly as well as to share their own personal work.

• To dialogue and discuss about the three themes of the Assembly
• To create a platform for local and global youth to represent themselves and express their ideas
for social change
• To create a sense of brotherhood among the participating nations
• To make room for a cultural exchange among the youth of the participating nations

Conclusion: In the three days of Global Citizens Youth Assembly the participating delegates engaged in
various activities such as panel and group discussions, a workshop on the ‘Charter of the Peoples of the
Earth,’ that is a movement to be presented and declared at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, the Bangalore
MDG Champions Competition, an open session for youth to represent their own personal work, the
Global Citizens Art & Cultural Festival and finally concluded with field excursion through interaction and
games with the children of migrant workers at Living Hope Children’s Home, Bangalore.
Participants were very happy with the Urban-Rural and South-North link concept through the WE BUILD
program and how it concludes with the Assembly and again a follow up through MDG champions
program. They were inspired to do action oriented projects as such and not just have assemblies or
conferences just to meet and interact.

Follow Up:
• GCSD will help and facilitate the MDG Champions to meet their goals of the projects. These
projects will encourage other youth participants to work on similar projects.
• The People’s Charter will have further discussions and engagement of youth participants to
voice their opinions and to be heard by the UN Member States at the Rio+20 Earth Summit.
• The Facebook page will be used as a tool to keep the momentum going and shall be a useful tool
to plan the GCYA 2012 much better.

Read the full report of the Youth Assembly 2011


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Read the full report of the Asian Youth Assembly 2010.

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